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You demand a sustainable world. Embrace a new horizon. Arapaha.

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Arapaha is a purpose driven start-up, making it possible to fundamentally change how things you love in and around your house are made and remade.

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Desirable local products made with cutting edge sustainable technology, we know it’s possible. Every part of the world has its unique style and feel. Arapaha facilitates endless expression of culture through design. Beauty and functionality at its finest. Designed for endless reuse. No concessions.

To design circular, selection of materials is essential. Our products are made out of materials that ensure future reuse. Arapaha makes science based decisions. Bio-based materials capture CO2, don't pose health hazards and are fully recyclable. That’s why we prefer them.

The circle of life is endless, materials grow and are reused over and over again. Waste does not exist. Arapaha applies this principle to design its products. Endless material use creates endless opportunities for a high-quality life whilst minimizing our impact on the planet. As learnt from mother nature.

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It is Arapaha’s strong believe that we need a systemic change, and we can only do so by forging new, disruptive and inspirational collaborations. From the first product idea to the reuse of materials. We love to work with people that get energized by making circularity a reality. Together.

Systemic change is not easy. So let's stop talking and start taking our responsibility. Our promise is to be transparant about what we have achieved, where we face challenges, and about how we create our products. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are determined to get them. Every day again.



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Arapaha prefers action, not words. We develop an endless loop system to manage materials, so they never run out. When designing, we prefer to use bio-based materials and make sure every part can be disassembled and recycled back to its molecules. This is how we create products that are as evocative and beautifully functional, now and in the future.

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We want to offer you a new choice. Without choice there can be no change.

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