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April 2022

Welcome our new team member!

Arapaha isn’t ‘Arapaha’ without her team. Yes, it’s true. Only with our members, we have meaning. With you, we have purpose. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to our new marketing manager! Willow imagines a future where we minimise our impact on the environment, and turns it into reality. A big round of applause for Willow Schoo and we anticipate great things to come from her.

April 2022

Remember our ‘Arapaha rug’?

Thanks to our partners at Empower, you can view the rug through a special code. The coolest part about this feature? It shows you every single detail of the rug’s journey. You know we prioritise transparency, and we stay true to our word. Together with Empower, we ensure this feature is available to you for any of our (future) products. View the rug and her journey here: https://arapaha.product-passports.com/?id=585cca10-ac09-400e-a8be-5e6d020d2127&journey=true Arapaha.com

April 2022

We did it!

Through the 100% bio-based project we were able to put ourselves on the map as the changemaker that the design industry not only wants, but needs. We celebrated our part in the revolution by pre-launching our ‘Arapaha rug’ (of course, designed with our closed-loop system) at the Textielmuseum in Tilburg. How awesome is that, right? Keep an eye out for next week’s post for your personal sneak-peek into the ‘Arapaha rug’.

March 2022

Together we embrace the new circular era.

Arapaha believes being planet friendly means being innovative. Over the past years, we’ve focused on a new approach of creating and using 100% biobased materials. We couldn’t have done this without the support of our partners at BB100 who believe it’s possible to create a climate friendly future. Now we’re ready to step into the new age of designing, creating and reusing again and again. Together we embrace the new circular era.

More info? This video highlights the process, and we introduce our contribution to revolutionizing design: Youtube

Visit arapaha.com and bb100.eu for additional information.


September 2021

The team is growing!

We are excited to share that Tina Brückner joined us as Circular Project Manager. With Tina on board, we accelerate our journey to develop zero waste, climate friendly and fossil free durable consumer products. 

12 August 2021 

It’s our birthday!

Today Arapaha celebrates its 2nd birthday. Exciting times ahead with team expansion and first launches expected soon. Given the recent IPCC 6th report we better hurry up to get our zero waste climate friendly and fossil free products out there…


29 July 2021

Earth overshoot day

If we can reduce the energy consumption of households by > 50%… we must not fail to do so.
If we can develop materials that can be reused over and over again… then we will do so.
If we can fight the depletion of resources… let’s do it!
If we can prevent microplastics from ending up in the oceans… what are we waiting for?

Today is Earth Overshoot day – not a day to celebrate but a day of reflection. Let’s unite forces and rethink the whole system.


06 July 2021

Talking about the future

Josse Kunst was (digitally) present at the BIOTEXFUTURE Forum 2021 and spoke about designing the products of the future combining bio-based materials with molecular recycling. The forum is part of BIOTEXFUTURE, a five-year research program working on the transition to a bio-based textile industry through funded cooperative projects.


June 2021

Circularity is a Team Sport!

Congratulations to Caroline MeijerArnold Gunnink and Erik Glas for their successful completion of an exciting minor on polymer recycling, supporting Arapaha in building our science based promise of truly closing the loop. 


June 2021

Let’s take a seat

We are happy to announce that Arapaha and LIOF are going to work together on the development of a meeting room chair. The aim of the collaboration is to prove that it is possible to make different parts of a chair, such as the legs, the seat and the upholstery out of PLA.


June 2021

The game = on!

We think of old like it’s new and we get enthusiastic when we meet likeminded people. That’s why we’ve upgraded our office with a new meeting room table, made from an old gym floor. Lovely aesthetics with a good story. Feel inspired? Check out PLANQ! (Oh, and we’ve covered our floors with sustainable carpets from Donkersloot, designed to use again).


May 2021

A success case

We are honored to be mentioned as one of the Ecosystem Best Practices in the recent Study of the cleantech innovation ecosystem with a focus on GIST and SCALE-UP by the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship in collaboration with Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University and are grateful for the support we have received.

Interested to read more about this project?: https://lnkd.in/ezcERNs


May 2021

More room for development

Arapaha is delighted to be invited by Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM) to participate in the BB100 project for the development of a rug, backpack and bath mat.


22 April 2021

Happy 🌎 day

A healthy planet means a circular way of life! To create a sustainable economy and restore our earth, we need to reduce the use of non-renewable materials. A fossil free industry will be a major step to achieve this. We at Arapaha are determined to make this happen.


April 2021

Circularity and fashion do go together

Arapaha was honored to pitch, as one of only a few selected global disruptive start-ups, to the brands behind Fashion for Good. We shared our journey how we can create truly circular products.


April 2021

We’ve got some interesting new research results in

Bobbi Gabeler, student applied Psychology at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, researched consumer behavior in relation to recycling on behalf of Arapaha. The main question was: How can consumers be stimulated to recycle more? She also looked into the factors that stimulate and/or obstruct this process. The research was carried out on behalf of the Fontys Expertisecentrum Circulaire Transitie (FECT). Thank you for the insights Bobbi and FECT!


April 2021

Another successful internship

Congratulations to Helena Pels, who successfully completed her internship at Arapaha. Helena researched how to design a fully recyclable meeting room chair made from PLA. Thank you for your time and great results!
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01 April 2021

We’ve got an office!

We are growing, so our own office was the obvious next step in our journey. From April onwards you can find us in the old ENCI building, located in Maastricht. ENCI Maastricht is now closed, but it used to be an old cement factory. We love the idea that in the exact spot where people used to mine raw materials, we now try to make a difference.


March 2021

Internship completed

Congratulations to Maren Middendorp, who successfully completed her internship at Arapaha. Maren researched ways to design and make a backpack made from Polylactic Acid (PLA), the promising alternative for plastics. Thank you for your time and great results!
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18 September 2020

TSE Industrie program

We are excited to announce that TNO, CuRe Technology and NHL Stenden University if Applied Science will collaborate with Arapaha in the REPLACER project. This collaboration allows us to confirm the best route to close the loop on materials for our Arapaha products, and prepare its implementation.
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August 2020

The journey goes public!

Together with Kindly Made and Webmix we created a website to share our story with you. Here you find our most important updates, the products we are working on and the story behind our practice.


June 2020

Made in Maastricht

We are delighted that the city where Arapaha is born decides to support Arapaha through its Made in Maastricht program. This initiative facilitates innovative entrepreneurs in the creative industry with the goal to create room for more start ups and further development of innovative ideas.


June 2020

Circular rugs in the making

Arapaha will collaborate with the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland on the Circulaire Ketenproject program in collaboration with DyeCoo Textile Systems, Donkersloot Trade and Mommersteeg Agenturen on fully bio-based and recyclable rugs. This collaboration enables us to develop the new techniques needed to develop such a rug.


May 2020

It’s the small things that matter

We are very happy to receive support from Stimulus for an MIT-Zuid feasibility study on the molecular recycling of bio-based products. This will enable us to create products and give them a new life over and over again.



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