Circulair seating, comfortable meeting.

Creating a circular business environment.

Design + materials

This meeting room chair is designed by Helena Pels, student Industrial Design at the University of Twente. Helena wrote her Bachelor thesis in cooperation with us. The main research question addressed in the thesis is: “How to design a fully recyclable meeting room chair made from PLA for the company Arapaha?”

Polylactide (PLA) is a biodegradable and renewable thermoplastic made from lactic acid. Commonly found in fermented milk products, as well as agricultural products. Characteristics of PLA makes it a great replacement for commonly used plastics.

Arapaha’s style is a minimalistic style which can be compared to Scandinavian and Japanese design. Words that come to mind when thinking about these styles are sleek, simplicity and functionality.

In the design of the chair the colour of the chair will have influence on how people will perceive the final design of the chair. In addition, the colour will tell whether it is going to be associated as a chair that is going to be used in a meeting room or as a chair for visitations.

Present + future

Right now, this chair is in the ‘let’s try’ phase. Additional research has to be done to fully finalize the final design. In particular on the bottom parts of the legs, and the cushioning of the chair. Adding these last components to the design, will provide the final concept of their meeting room chair.

Once the design of the chair is fully established and the strength analysis has been performed on the prototypes, the next step is to test the chair on long term use. In the requirements it was stated that the life span of the chair should be around 7 years in an office environment.

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