The ‘Arapaha Process’

At Arapaha we use a rigorous design process in our journey from idea to reuse of materials, the ‘Arapaha Process’.

Great Idea

Nature and science inspire us! We simply can’t stop thinking about creating Arapaha products, so no material goes to waste. We continuously scout for bio-based materials, new technologies, fresh know-how and exciting partners to make this happen.

Let's Try

We’re on a roll! In this exciting phase we iterate from design to prototyping, from testing to improving. Relentlessly in a constant loop. This is the moment new ideas appear from unexpected corners and where we say goodbye to ideas that weren’t so great after all. Fail fast and start again.  

Coming Soon

Great! It works. Now that the prototypes are tested it’s time to prepare for launch. Can we scale up? How will we bring the product to the market? With whom can we work together? Are we missing something?  

My Choice Matters

Scary! Our product is now out there. Arapaha products are part of a sustainable lifestyle. You have impact by choosing what you buy. And the good thing is, you don’t have to give in on quality of life. We love to hear from you; do you like the products? What do you like to see improved?  

I'll Be Back

We hope you enjoyed using your Arapaha products. If you decide to return it, no stress, we take care of it. First, we check if we can reuse or refurbish the product. If that is no longer possible, we will carefully dismantle it and reuse the materials. Now we can start all over again. And again. And again.  

Let’s connect

We are always looking for more inspiration, insights and like-minded people to work with. Let’s connect to make this shift possible.