Our values

To change the world you first have to imagine a better one.

Planet Friendly

All our products are designed and manufactured with the latest technologies to minimize the carbon footprint and the impact on our health and the environment.

Zero Waste

We design all our products so that all materials can be reused. And not only do we design in this way, but we actually take all materials back.

Fossil free

All our design are based on the latest developments of advanced bio-based materials.

It's a journey

There is still lots to learn, but only by starting can we move towards a real change. We are driven by our purpose and continue to improve step by step every day.


We thrive by diversity and collaborating. We actively encourage others to join our dream, inspire us and get inspired.

Be bold

We believe that in every step we make, in every decision we take, we should be honest, transparent, and courageous.