Our values

To change the world you first have to imagine a better one.

A new circular era

The earth is depleted rapidly. There is no time to lose. We need a system change, That’s why we started a revolution with our unique Arapaha approach: groundbreaking bio-based products in a closed loop system that lasts forever. By starting this movement real change will come. Let’s be bold and courageous.

Joy and optimism

We bring people together who believe in the power of change, positivity, and joy. We encourage people to join our movement and to spring into action.

Closed loop

Enjoy and cherish our products that are part of a clean and closed cycle: use, re-sell, give away or return to us. We develop a loop system to urn used products into new products. Again and again. Taking responsibility can be beautiful.

Science-based and realistic

We stand by what we say. We develop a science-based loop system to make products and manage materials, so they never run out. There is still lots to learn but we are well on our way. Over the whole product cycle this is economically attractive and realistic. We share our knowledge and work across various industries and with technology partners to continuously improve our closed loop system.

Rethinking design for everyday products

We design and create in a different way, the Arapaha way. You can fully enjoy our everyday products while minimizing your impact.