Interview - Bart Bost

The physical limits of the planet and the growing waste streams force us to review our use of raw materials. When was the moment that you realized that we need to tackle this challenge?

During my early years as an industrial designer I developed and mass-produced consumer goods in low labor cost countries. That was the moment I experienced the impact of our global consumerism firsthand. Seeing the polluted environment and toxic orange river behind the factory where poor workers dumped factory waste was definitely a gamechanger.

My choice matters, …. How do you use your daily consumption to influence this transition in society?

I try to avoid buying or using any virgin, fossil based, raw materials. Instead, I actively choose for renewable/recycled materials and renewable energy.

How do you inspire people around you to realize purpose driven changes?

By trying to lead into the right direction, for example in my profession as a designer. I try to excite new generations of designers to develop smart, minimalistic and sustainable designs. Besides, I encourage using renewable and recycled materials and focus on simple recyclable mono-material product design.