To change the world you first have to imagine a better one.

One Planet – There is only one planet to live on, and we need to treasure this fragile ecosystem. The way we now take, make and waste our resources is simply unsustainable. The products we design, manufacture and use will be based on full recovery of the materials, no harm to our health or to the environment.

Bio-based – For millennia we have lived of the land. Our way of consumption has moved to single time use of resources causing all kinds of problems, such as pollution, depletion of vital resources and climate change. The recent advances in science make it possible to use advanced bio-based materials in demanding applications used in a fully closed loop system. We use these materials in all our designs.

It’s a Journey – Designing with bio-based materials in a closed loop is a real opportunity to create a better balance between our consumption and the resources available on our planet. There is still lots to learn, but only by starting can we move towards a real change. We are driven by our purpose and continue to improve step by step every day.

Energize – Social inclusion, diversity and collaborations across the globe are not vague theoretic concepts to us, we thrive by them and actively encourage others to join our dream, inspire us and get inspired.

Responsibility – We believe that in every step we make, in every decision we take and in every engagement with our partners we should be honest, transparent, bold and courageous.

Together we can make a difference. My choice matters.