It only works if you rethink the whole system

We create, use, collect and re-entry products in a continuous loop with minimum harm to our planet.

We are rethinking design, production, return and recycling. We designed a planet friendly and science-based closed loop where bio-based products are created, used, collected and re-entered. Again and again. We describe this closed loop as a circular process in 4 steps:


We love to create. Our science geeks combine the latest developments of bio-based materials with full circularity thinking to create beautiful products. Together with talented designers we translate this into a new design language.


Only when we are convinced the products are really good do we send them into the world for you to use. Please use them as long as possible, resell them, reuse them or give them away. When finally they’ve reached the end of their first use, we welcome them back with open arms.


Returning your products has never been easier. Every product has a digital twin with all the information you need. Upon return we check for repair or reuse. Is that possible? Awesome! If not, no stress, we have a plan.


The design is based on a deep understanding on a molecular level of the materials used in our products. So, if it can really not be reused anymore, we know how to recycle it. And we actually do it so that the materials can be used to make new products. Again and again.

Why we do this

Resource scarcity

There is no planet B. We take more from the earth than earth has to offer. So our current way of producing and consuming at some point in time is no longer possible. It may be sooner than you think.

Arapaha only uses materials in a closed loop system. We make products out of materials recovered out of previous products. And if we need more materials we use fast growing bio-based materials. So we harvest without depleting the earth. This is why we created our I’ll be back system.


Plastic soup

In the near future there may be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Fragile ecosystems will collapse, and the biodiversity will reduce dramatically.

This is why we will do anything to prevent our products ending up in the ocean in the first place. We want all our products back and use the materials to create new products.

Climate change

It’s not a hoax. The impact of the changing climate can be felt everywhere around the world. Deserts are growing, floods are increasing and the number of destructive storms is higher each year.

Our products are made with the newest energy friendly production methods, with materials that have the lowest impact on our planet and our recycling process uses much less energy than production out of virgin raw materials. If you add all of this up, our products can have a carbon footprint as much as 90% lower than todays fossil based products.



Microfibers have been found in Antarctica, on the Mount Everest and in the Mariana Trench. This builds up in fish, mother milk, and the impact on human health can not be ignored.

It can not always be avoided that small particles are formed when you use products. The materials we use will degrade in nature. But we prefer them to not even end up over there. We want our products back!

Curious what that looks like?

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